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Private title loans online – Submit an application and collect cash in a few minutes


private loans at your fingertips

What are private title loans?

On what basis are private title loans granted and who is their client the most? Are private title loans immediately safe? Why do some people opt for a title loan from a private investor instead of a simple non-bank title loan? The answer to this question is quite easy. Private investors lend money to people who can not apply for a title loan at banks and receive refusals from non-bank companies. It is logical, therefore, to apply for financing where debtor databases are not checked. That is from private persons.

What is the characteristic of a title loan from a private person?

Private title loans are usually handed out for small amounts for a short period of time. Usually no more than 2 or 3 thousand zlotys for 30 days . In addition, the interest they prefer is at least 50% of the amount of the weekend payment. Thanks to this, they do not bear too much risk per person, and at the same time are able to earn a decent percentage. And how do they hedge against defaults? Non-banking companies protect themselves from this by verifying the debtors’ databases and in the event that the client has a lot of unpaid obligations, they refuse him a title loan. A private person can not check it out.

Why are private title loans against collateral a frequent form of borrowing?

The standard method, apart from the ordinary civil law contract, and the blank promissory note is pledge. A pledge may be a car, flat or jewelry. Thanks to this, she can be sure that even in the case of non-repayment , she will be able to sell the item and recover the money . Of course, there are very few cases where you can find a private title loan without collateral. However, these are so rare cases that it is almost impossible to find such a person. This is for a very simple reason. Lack of repayment of title loans among people with bad bases is so high that they lose all their money in a short time and collapse business. Someone might say that they have a civil law contract, data from evidence, and a blank promissory note. Unfortunately, all these things are only suitable for the trash bin in the case of a person who has high debts . Why?

Private loans at your fingertips Private investor in practice

Imagine a situation in which Mr. Marek, an entrepreneur, with great success sold his last company. He made a lot, so he decided to try his hand in the title loan industry. He opened an office in which he granted title loans without verification in debtors’ databases. The interest rate was 50%, and the security was the aforementioned civil law agreement, a photograph of the proof, and a blank promissory note. “Sure business” thought Mr. Marek. “Even if I do not pay back the title loan, I will write the amount on the bill of exchange three times higher and I will earn a lot more”. So during the first week he borrowed all the money he had for this purpose . The following weeks passed, and with repayment, only a few people appeared in his office, from dozens who decided on a private title loan. “I am safe, I will get my money back with a large percentage.

What can a private investor do with unpaid title loans?

“I have contracts and bills,” Marek thought, and in his head he already counted the money he would make in this business. A month after the planned repayment date he could not stand anymore and he took his steps to the civil court, file a lawsuit against the first debtor who did not give him money on time. So he took a blank promissory note, a contract, and started a criminal case. A bailiff was assigned to the debtor. After a few months, he received a letter in which the bailiff informs him that his debtor, Mr. Janek is not working and owes several dozen thousand to other non-bank companies. There is also no property. And so the debt is bad and it is not possible to recover it. The rest of his debtors are in the same situation. So what was the lent title loan magnate Mr. Marek? He invested tens of thousands in business which according to the plan “could not go wrong”. And what did he stay with? With debtors from whom it is impossible to recover even 100 zlotys.

Contrary to appearances, there are more such stories. Simply put, this is the end of the vast majority of investors who lend without a specific security , such as gold, car or real estate. Unfortunately, unlike title loans, where the security is only a promissory note, ordinary private title loans for interest are irrelevant. Well, unless they are only given to people who know each other very well. So what do people who are looking for a private title loan have to do? Well, the simplest way out of the situation is to submit an application on our website. We also provide title loans to people with bad credit history. The advantages of our title loan are the lack of prepayments, a quick decision and the acceptance of clients with debt collection and bailiff debt.

Private title loans at your fingertips without prepayment

In addition to the above-described honest investors, there are also black sheep. Like some clients, some people are dishonest. What can the lender cheat on? A popular recent case to significantly inflate interest rates . For example, in the case of a real estate title loan, a dishonest person is able to use some of the provisions in the contract in such a way that the borrowed sum will be even several times higher if the customer wants to make a title loan. In this case, the most common way out is to sell a flat or evict from the lender.

Watch out for prepayments!

The next issue is prepayments . The last time it is even plague, if someone would like to look for an investor via the Internet. title loans are swindled on a variety of things. For insurance, for notary, for fuel. Unfortunately, in each of these cases, after sending the money, without seeing the investor before the eyes, it always ends with his disappearance. And for a careless borrower, it usually means more debts. In some cases, internet fraudsters also use stolen identity cards. They send them to the client to strengthen their credibility in his eyes. Also in this case, such situations should be avoided like a fire.

private loans from the hand Or maybe the private title loans exchange?

As the name suggests, there should be investors who want to borrow immediately. Nothing could be more wrong. It is on the private lending exchanges that frauds associated with extortion are the most common, as well as pastoralisation of already seriously injured persons. So, skip the stock exchange of private title loans with a wide arch . Probably no one got there and will not get a title loan.

So, would a potential investor issue an advertisement with the offer “I will grant a title loan for interest” or “I will grant a private title loan”? It is rather doubtful. Nobody will do that because it would be an ordinary shot in the knee. Therefore, if you are looking for a private title loan, do not look for offers on the Internet, because instead of a title loan to your hand, you will get more debts. We encourage you to submit an application on our website. With us everyone has a chance for a title loan.


Close the loan

If you want to take out a loan, you should not go overnight if it is right. Not only do you want to borrow money cheaply but also as transparently as possible. On you can calculate, compare, request and of course close all types of loans online.

Which loan to take out?

So many wishes, so many possibilities. Which loan to take out? That should first of all be dependent on your lending goal. When buying a home that choice is made quickly. Then of course you opt for a good mortgage. Even though there are several forms of that. It becomes a bit more difficult when you borrow for example for a renovation, renovation, car or caravan, a new kitchen or bathroom. Not every loan form is suitable for every specific issue. Our maxim is always: Close a personal loan for larger expenses with exact costs. For example with a car or boat or for a new kitchen. Instead, choose the revolving credit if you can not estimate how much something costs. This is often the case with a renovation or renovation of a house.

Calculate online what you can borrow as much as possible

Once you have made a choice for a type of loan, you want to know how much money you can borrow. Through our website you can calculate with several lenders what you can borrow and how much this costs you monthly. Then you can get the best offer and take out the cheapest loan. Before you take out a loan, it is important to see the total loan costs. This is always indicated with the ‘APR’ (Annual percentage rate). Try to choose the shortest possible term. The sooner you are out of debt again and the less you will lose interest.

Compare the conditions

Not only the interest rates that banks charge can be included in your loan comparison, but also the conditions. Previously, banks and lenders were rather shadowy about these loan conditions. Nowadays they no longer work with small print. So you know exactly what you agree with. Banks and lenders, however, do not all apply the same conditions. For example, you can speed up your credit with one provider and pay off without penalty, but not with another. And sometimes you are obliged to take out a term life insurance policy. This results in slightly higher costs, viewed over the entire term. Sometimes borrowing is impossible. For example because you have passed a certain age. Or because you have a temporary employment contract. Can you not borrow from one bank? Then that is sometimes possible with another lender!

Image result for close the loanBorrowing responsible money is important

Never take out a loan if it is not necessary. Maybe that new car or bathroom can still wait. Or can your children still sleep well together in a room and you can postpone a renovation for another year or two. If possible, save money for a purchase or spending instead of borrowing for it. This is much cheaper. Do you want to take out a loan? Then you can read enough information on our website about reliable, safe and responsible money!

Exchange expensive loan pays off!

More and more Dutch people choose to have their overpriced loan to be transferred. That definitely pays off! Are you currently paying a loan, and are there therefore little balance left per month for other things? We think you can save a lot of money by switching your current loan. Especially when you have taken out the credit in a period when the borrowing rates were still high. You can of course also combine several small loans into one large, cheap loan. Do you have credit card debts? Or are you in the red at the bank? Did you buy goods on installment? Request a loan offer from a bank or lender and they will map out your options. Then they will give you a loan proposal. If you agree, they will take care of the rest. So you do not need to transfer a loan (s) yourself. You leave that to the bank.

Close credit

In the introduction, we briefly explained to you when you can best choose a revolving credit or personal loan. For example, the revolving credit is a very flexible loan. With this you can pay off money at any time, but also withdraw these amounts. You therefore have the opportunity to borrow money continuously. On the other hand, however, the borrowing rate may change monthly. This may turn out to your disadvantage or in your favor. With higher loan amounts, however, a revolving credit is almost always more expensive than the personal loan. The money with a revolving credit will not be credited to your account in one go. You therefore only pay interest on the part that you include!

Or just close the personal loan?

Most consumers and companies choose the personal loan because of the firmness. For example, the term of the loan is fixed, the interest rate – this does not change – and the amounts you have to pay monthly. With this loan, you are actually buying security. It is therefore an ideal form of loan for one-off, larger purchases of which you know the exact costs. You can then adjust the term of the loan to the expected useful life and / or economic life of the object to be financed. This makes the personal loan to be very suitable as a car loan.

Take out the cheapest loan online at lowest interest rates

In 2017 and 2018 the interest rates for all types of loans – including mortgages – are historically low. If you have to borrow money, then this is the right time to take out the cheapest loan online through Never take out a loan without having read it in advance. Our website contains a lot of information that you can benefit from. You can always consult for current interest rates.

Cheaper loans for low incomes

Residents of Rozendaal and Rheden with a low income may squeeze their hands. At least, if they want to borrow cheaply from the credit bank. Because as of January 1, the Kredietbank Arnhem will make it happen. The Dutch municipalities of Rozendaal and Rheden therefore entered into discussions with the Bank and both parties have signed a contract. Loans from the Bank are much cheaper than the expensive loans that could previously be applied for at Kredietbank Arnhem .



What do credit banks do?

bank 2010880 960 720 300x253 Why do people use a credit bank to take out a loan? Credit banks have been created to help people with debt move forward. First of all, agreements are made with creditors to prevent additional debts. This prevents debt collection measures being taken.

In some cases it is possible to lose debts. In addition, a loan can be taken out with a credit bank. All current debts are included in this. Then 1 debt remains. This is called a remediation credit. Credit banks also help people with debts to stabilize the financial situation. A situation is only stable if the income is higher than the expenditure.

Credit bank in municipalities not required

Not all Dutch municipalities have a credit bank. According to the law, that is not mandatory. No credit bank was established in Rozendaal and Rheden. However, the residents could go to the Kredietbank Arnhem. Even though these two municipalities had not signed a contract with the municipality of Arnhem. Incidentally, this credit bank was bad news because of the high interest rates it counts on loans. The TV program Kassa paid attention to this.

Borrowing cheap money at Bank

With the contract that the municipalities of Rozendaal and Rheden have concluded with the Bank, the high interest rates on loans for people with debts end. They lend at a low interest rate of 2.3% from 1 January. The municipality of Arnhem applied an interest rate from 11%. Unfortunately, not all residents of Rheden and Rozendaal who have a low income (and can not take out a regular loan) can benefit from this favorable interest. This low interest applies only to new applications.


Green loan

Request green loan

On this page we inform you about the green loan. It is a credit that you can take out if you want to make an existing home more sustainable and / or implement energy-saving measures. This type of loan should not be confused with the renovation loan.

Green loans, for example, shut down consumers for the financing and installation of solar panels, the installation of a hot water boiler or for taking other energy-saving measures such as isolating a home. The conditions of the green loan may differ per lender. For these ‘green loans’, lenders almost always charge lower interest rates. That is the immediate advantage of this type of loan.

How does a green loan work?

You take out a green loan for sustainable investments in your own home. This allows you to save on your energy costs. With such a credit you purchase solar panels, a heat pump or install cavity wall insulation. You can immediately start saving on your energy costs. The loan has a fixed term and a fixed interest rate. You pay a fixed amount every month. With these loans you immediately lower your energy bill. It is possible to recoup your green investment in a few years!

What are the benefits of green loans?

You make an energy-saving investment in your home with the help of a green loan. You will immediately receive a financial benefit for this. Because the interest rate on green loans is usually lower than that of regular loans. But you also save considerably on your energy costs. That is perhaps the most important advantage. You can therefore earn back your investment. And of course, green loans are not only good for your wallet, you also contribute to a cleaner environment!

Generate your own energy with loan solar panels

Most consumers request green financing for the purchase of solar panels. Do you also want to install solar panels? Then apply for a loan of solar panels. Usually you use a personal loan, better known as an installment loan. You will then fully deposit the loan amount into your bank account in one go. You then pay a fixed amount of interest and repayment every month.

Isolate house with energy loan

If you want to insulate your home, you can use an energy loan. You invest sustainably in your home and can save a lot of money on energy. You can isolate your home in multiple ways. Always advise yourself about this. Make sure that your roof is well insulated.

Have roof insulation applied

Because a roof without good insulation is a giant energy spiller. It may cost you a few hundred euros on an annual basis for extra heating costs. Even if your roof is moderately insulated, it is wise to improve this as soon as possible.

Save energy with facade insulation

Non-insulated exterior walls can also be insulated. Insulating external walls is called facade insulation. The house can thus retain its heat much better, which is of course good for the environment and for your wallet. With front walls on the inside of your façade you can easily save on energy costs. Do not forget to have insulating glass (eg HR ++ glass) installed!

Floor insulation for more comfort

The advantage of good floor insulation is that it immediately provides a lot of comfort. The floor feels less cold. In addition, you also feel much less draft. As a result, the temperature in your home will also be much more even. A well insulated floor quickly saves money from 150 to 200 euros on an annual basis. However, this differs per home and depends on your heating behavior.

How much money will you save on a green loan?

If you decide to take out a green loan so that you can make energy-saving investments in your home, then that immediately yields money. After all, you consume much less energy. With an energy-efficient house, you can save hundreds of thousands of euros on heating costs per year. With solar panels and a hot water pump you can even live energy-neutral. You are no longer dependent on energy suppliers. You can take out a green loan for the purchase of solar panels and a hot water pump.

Tax benefits for an energy loan?

Unfortunately, in 2017 you can no longer benefit from additional tax benefits when taking out an energy loan. You may be able to deduct the interest from your loan from the tax on the taxable income in box 1.

Can I apply for a subsidy for solar panels or a hot water pump?

Request a subsidy from your municipality for installing solar panels on your roof or installing a hot water pump, which is unfortunately no longer possible. However, applying for a green loan for green improvements to your home does make sense. With green financing you benefit from a much more attractive interest rate. You can read more about this below.

‘Green borrowing’ at Bank

Bank is a subsidiary of the ABN Amro. You can apply for a special green loan from Bank. This allows you to finance all kinds of sustainable investments in your home. On the website of Bank you can check how much the loan costs and how much you can save on your energy bill.

Lowest interest loan

If you are curious about the ‘lowest interest rate loan’, we advise you to stay on this page. We give you some useful tips, so you know what to look for when comparing credit providers.

More than 50 loan products, how do you find the lowest interest rate loan?

If you want to borrow money and then again at the very lowest rate, you can choose from around 50 loan products in the Netherlands. There are quite a few. How do you ever find the cheapest loan, are you wondering? It is already a lot easier to find a matching loan first. One that perfectly matches your spending goal. You can roughly choose the personal loan or the revolving credit. We will inform you further on the page about these 2 loan forms. We also inform you about the lowest interest rate of the WOZ credit. This is a revolving credit for homeowners.

Choose a credit that suits your spending!

Borrowing money as cheaply as possible? Then you do not have to compare loans with each other on the prize run, so without any preparation. Always decide which loan you want to close. Each type of credit again has its own unique characteristics. For example, lenders use different conditions for a personal loan than with a revolving credit. Do you take out a low-interest loan with low interest rates, but do you not properly match the loan with your loan target and your financial and / or personal situation? Then the loan costs can be quite high.


As an example we take a renovation in this case. When renovating a home yourself, you never know in advance how much money you have lost. Unless you outsource the renovation and agree a fixed price with the contractor in question. If you take out a personal loan for a renovation, you agree to a credit limit with the bank. You will receive this amount into your account in one go and you will immediately pay interest on this (included in the monthly installments). You have chosen a term of 72 months. But suppose that the costs for the renovation are much lower than budgeted and you have borrowed too much money, then the personal loan (closed at a low interest rate) suddenly becomes a very expensive loan.

You continue to pay interest on the total amount that you have borrowed. With a revolving credit you would have borrowed much cheaper money. After all, you only pay interest on the amounts that you withdraw. With some personal loan providers it is possible to pay off without penalty. Comparing the conditions is at least as important as comparing money borrowing on the basis of interest rates.

Personal loan and fixed low interest rates

The personal loan can, however, in many cases be the cheapest loan, if you only exploit the properties of it! With such a loan you opt for a lot of firmness and certainty. This gives you the certainty of a fixed interest rate, term and thus monthly installments. It goes without saying that a lower interest rate automatically results in a lower monthly installment. You prefer to close a personal loan only for an expense of which you know the total costs. As is the case with the purchase of a car or caravan, a new kitchen or bathroom, the construction of a garden, et cetera. You will never borrow more or less than you need. That way you never pay too much interest.

All benefits fixed interest:

  • A fixed-rate period gives a lot of certainty. This way you know exactly what your monthly expenses are during the term.
  • In addition, the personal loan is insensitive to interest rate rises; If the market interest rates rise, then this does not have any unpleasant consequences for you!
  • You also have no ‘residual debt risk’ during the term of your loan.
  • Because you can not withdraw extra money in the meantime, the monthly costs remain the same and you will never lend yourself irresponsibly. You therefore pay off according to a fixed repayment schedule.

The lowest interest rate on revolving credit

With the revolving credit the interest rate is variable. That can have several advantages. For example, a fixed interest rate (such as with the personal loan) is often higher than the variable interest rate. Do you fix that interest for a long time? Then you pay more. With a revolving credit, you pay a lower entry fee anyway. This can rise afterwards. That is why we advise you to opt for a low credit limit with this credit form. This keeps the costs within limits, if interest rates suddenly rise sharply. Conversely, with the revolving credit you can also benefit from a fall in interest rates. If the market interest rates fall, you can benefit directly from this! That is not possible with the personal loan.

All advantages variable interest:

  • If you take out a loan with variable interest, the interest rate is usually lower.
  • The term is also variable: You can redeem and withdraw whenever you want.
  • You may withdraw the money you redeemed.
  • Does the market interest rate fall during the term? Then you borrow cheaper money!
  • However, if you continue to pay the same monthly amounts, you will resolve the loan more quickly …

Interest rate WOZ credit is lower than other forms of lending

Finally, we would like to point out the advantages of a credit form for homeowners: The WOZ credit. This is a special kind of revolving credit that only people with their own home can take out. If you have your own house and want to borrow money at the lowest interest rate, then you should certainly consider this form of loan. Because the interest rate of a WOZ credit is usually lower than that of an ordinary revolving credit. After all, the bank applies lower risk storage for homeowners.

Difficult financial loan terms that you never heard of before

Do you ever have that? That you are looking for information about borrowing money and that you suddenly come across concepts that you have never heard of before? Such as the ‘ Annual percentage rate (APR) ‘, ‘Wft’, ‘Current account credit’, ‘commitment fee’ and many other financial concepts and jargon. We explain some of these concepts to you. Just because it is fun to dive into this difficult subject.

What is the ‘Annual percentage rate’?

The Annual percentage rate is abbreviated with APR . If you are calculating your loan with a calculation example today, you will find the APR alongside the debit interest rate. This is always the debit interest times the costs that the bank or lender charges you. This is important to you. Because if both the Annual percentage rate and the debit interest rate are equal to each other, this means that the lender does not charge extra costs! The lending rates are low in August. But you can save even more on your loan if a credit provider does not charge you for advice.


understanding 300x200
Wft means ‘Act on financial supervision’. This brings together rules and regulations for all financial markets. Do you doubt whether a bank will keep to the rules? Then switch on the AFM.

‘Preparing fee’

If a bank prepares a mortgage offer because you want to take out a mortgage, but you do not respond in time, the bank may charge a commitment fee. You must then pay about 0.25% commission per month to the bank. The quotation date must be clearly stated on each mortgage quote and also the latest date of the insurance. Keep an eye on …

‘Current account credit’

You want to borrow money and suddenly come across a financial concept that you can not place: The ‘Current account credit’. Is this a new kind of credit? Well. This is one of the many names for old-fashioned red standing at the bank . It is also called the ‘credit on payment account’. Find yourself the meaning of these latest financial concepts:


Loan for inhabitants for the removal of asbestos

The municipality of Montferland wants to offer its residents a cheap loan so that they can remove asbestos roofs. The municipality may provide tens of thousands of euros for this. This arrangement is valid for the next 4 years if the municipal council approves the plan. That is what Walter Gerritsen, alderman of the municipality of Montferland tells us.

Remove asbestos with loan

The loan that the municipality will provide has many similarities with sustainability loans that consumers can take out with the bank. With a sustainability loan, people can finance energy-saving measures for a home. Alderman Gerritsen indicates that interest rates are very low nowadays. One can therefore also borrow cheap money from the bank for the removal of asbestos . He thinks that especially people who can not take out an extra loan with the bank, would like to make use of the municipality loan.

Asbestos removal stimulation scheme

The municipality has responded with the asbestos removal incentive scheme, as the initiative is called, to requests from private individuals and companies. Particularly in the outlying areas there is a demand for such support for roof owners with asbestos. In the outer areas there are still many storage rooms and stables in which asbestos is processed. All roofs with asbestos must be replaced before 2024 of the empire. The roofs would pose too great a risk for first of all the owners, but also of local residents and employees.

Use a subsidy scheme

FAC roof sheeting 300x178
Do you have an asbestos roof and are you not a resident of the Montferland municipality? Then there are other ways to receive a helping hand financially. This way you can benefit from a special subsidy scheme from the government. You will receive a compensation of € 4.50 per meter from the state. The maximum reimbursement is € 25,000. However, for many owners of asbestos roofs, a subsidy alone is not enough. They have to borrow money. With the loan for the removal of asbestos roofs, the municipality wants to move its residents.


Seniors can take out new type of loan by using the surplus value of their house to make their home more comfortable and safer

The SVn has introduced a new type of loan. Since recently, seniors can take out this loan and use the surplus value of their house to make their home more comfortable and safer. This allows them to live longer in their home and they do not have to move. The loan is called the ‘Silver Loan’.

Silver loans

Stichting Stimuleringfonds Volkshuisvesting is the fund that also offers start-up loans . By verzilverleningen offering hope municipalities in the Netherlands that older people choose to continue living independently. The fund also wants to encourage seniors to use the loan to make their homes more sustainable.

Silver loan is a residential loan

 The Silver Loan is in fact just a residential loan (mortgage loan). This means that the surplus value of a owner-occupied home is used to determine the loan amount. The advantage of these housing loans is that the applicant does not have to pay interest during the term of the loan. Nor does the borrower have to repay during the term. Thanks to these special loans, you get extra financial space, making it possible to make adjustments to a home.

When to repay?

You do not have to pay off the Silver Loan until the property has been sold or after the owner has died. That is what SVn writes. Incidentally, the Silver Loan has agreements with the Consumer Loan .


Seniors usually have their assets in their homes. Because a large proportion of the elderly have insufficient income, it is not always possible for them to take out a regular loan. With the Cash Loans, the assets used in the home are used. Still, there are still enough seniors who can borrow money, but do not dare to invest their assets in adjustments to a home. For example, they are afraid that in the future they will not be able to absorb the rising energy prices and / or healthcare costs. For these people, the Silver Loan could also be a good solution, according to Jan Willen van Beek of SVn.


Request miniature loan? The mini-loan is the most hated loan form!



The mini loan as a solution

The mini loan … No other loan raises as many questions as this one. He is hated by the AFM and is loved by a target group that does not grind for an interest rate method more or less. For them, the mini-loan is a godsend. This type of loan is characterized by a very short duration and the relatively small amounts that you can borrow at a time. A term of a few days up to a maximum of 1 month, that is normal for these small loans. The loan amounts vary from a few ten euros up to a maximum of 750 euros (and everything in between). More information about these minuscule loans can be found below.

Information and explanation about the mini-loan: What is it?

A mini loan is a super small loan that lends you money from a provider for a short period. Further on this page we tell you which mini loan providers you can go to in the Netherlands. You pay interest in the form of commission to the lender. And that commission can increase considerably as you do not keep the payment obligations. The mini-loan is suitable for consumers who need a small amount of money quickly and especially quickly.

4 advantages of minilening:

  1. Small amounts lend within a few hours, so that you can pay an important bill quickly or do your shopping this week.
  2. No BKR testing is done.
  3. No paperwork.
  4. You are not tied to a large long-term loan.

How quickly apply for flash credit without BKR testing?

Requesting a flash credit is very easy. It is therefore the most low-threshold form of borrowing money . It is special to note that these ‘credits’ are still eagerly deductible. And that despite the relatively high costs. If you want to borrow a few hundred euros quickly but you have a negative BKR, you can not get a loan from any credit company in the Netherlands. Except for providers of mini-credits. After all, they are not participants of the BKR and can therefore absolutely not perform BKR testing. Urgent borrowing with a negative BKR registration, that is possible with them.

100, 200, 500 euros to borrow without payslip

Do you need money as quickly as possible and is a standing credit or a small personal loan is not an option for you, because you only have a small amount left? You can already close a small loan from € 100 up to € 750. Are you temporarily unemployed? Borrowing money without payroll is only possible with some mini lenders. With them you can apply for a loan quickly and easily without too much paperwork. You do not have to send a copy of your payslip. However, borrowing a few hundred euros as soon as possible is not possible for everyone. Below we tell you a bit more about the conditions you have to meet.

Borrowing conditions small amount of money:

  • You have Dutch nationality.
  • The money is deposited into a Dutch bank account.
  • You are 18 years or older. Students can not borrow.
  • You have a fixed income.
  • Borrowing with a benefit or temporary employment is not possible.
  • You can only request 1 mini-loan at a time.

Interest and costs of a mini loan

What are the costs of a mini credit ? You must in any case take into account an interest rate of converted a maximum of 13.99%. But beware: It may be that the total costs are higher. There are extra costs for a mandatory guarantee. This guarantee is only required if you can not find someone who wants to stand surety for you (a guarantor). If you have debts, then taking out such a small loan is unwise. You could continue to work with this in the nests. Always look for help in the case of debts, for example debt assistance . Meanwhile, you can search for cheaper alternatives of ‘borrowing a bit of money quickly’.

Good alternatives for mini-loans and flash credits

There are indeed cheaper alternatives. You may, for example, consider applying for a credit on your current account with your bank. You can then stand a little in the red (often up to € 500). Standing in the red for two or three months is still cheaper than taking out a mini-credit. A good possibility is also to borrow with collateral. Do you need cash quickly? Then try to sell used items through websites such as Marktplaats!

Are these different types of loans?

No. A loan credit is simply a mini loan (or vice versa). These are just different names for the same type of lan- guage. Other names for this are also:

  • minicredit;
  • emergency loan;
  • SMS credit;
  • flash loan;
  • borrow mini.

With all these credits, you can borrow a maximum of a few hundred euros and you only have a few weeks to pay it back.

The history

When the first mini-loan was officially offered on the internet, that is not entirely clear to us. We can not possibly figure out that history. However, it is known to us that the AFM and the National Government were already feverishly looking for a solution in 2008 to apply the maximum credit compensation for these loans as well. In that period, the treatment costs were also exorbitantly high. This came down to an interest rate of up to 600 percent on an annual basis for most suppliers.

All flash and mini loan providers 2017

There are only a few mini-loan providers active in the Netherlands. Incidentally, they work from abroad (the UK, to be precise). The best known and still active providers of flash credits are Saldodipje and Ferratum.


Starter loan

In the Netherlands, starters who want to buy a home can apply for a start-up loan. The borrowing standards have become stricter since 2013. Taking out a mortgage for a first home is no longer so simple. As a starting home owner, you can only finance the house price from 2018 onwards.

You have to pay for everything around it yourself. In addition, the bank also monitors the type of employment, the level of your income and your age when assessing a mortgage application. Young buyers and starters can therefore often not borrow sufficiently. With the start-up loan you will receive a supplement to the mortgage from the municipality. And you do not have to pay redemption and interest in the first 3 years.

What is a start-up loan?

Image result for start up loanBut what exactly is a start-up loan? How does it work and what conditions must you meet so that you are entitled to this special loan? We explain everything to you at The Starter Loan is a special type of loan that is only provided to and through municipalities where starters purchase a home.

They often can not borrow enough money from the bank. The start-up loan can then act as a supplement to the maximum mortgage loan amount, so that up to 100% of the purchase value can be financed. Many municipalities offer loans to starters.

The foundation Stimuleringsfonds Volkshuisvesting

However, not every municipality offers buyers the opportunity to borrow extra money cheaply. The foundation Stimuleringsfonds Volkshuisvesting Nederlandse Gemeenten (SVG) provides the complete execution of the loans. You do not have to pay interest on this special municipal loan during the first three years.

Loan for starters as a supplement to mortgage

The reason why starters in the housing market often can not buy a house is because their income is sometimes inadequate. The bank then provides them with insufficient mortgage. The rest can be supplemented with a loan for starters via the municipality. With the start-up loan, the difference between the purchase price of the house and the maximum mortgage can be bridged.

Further on this page you can read what your maximum start-up loan is and how you can calculate it. The amount that you can borrow from the municipality depends on your income, savings and the purchase price of the home.

Do you have a chance of a starting loan?

With a start-up loan you make a start on the housing market. Are you eligible? That is different for each municipality. You can check whether you meet the conditions on the website of your municipality or on the website of the Stimuleringsfonds Volkshuisvesting Nederlandse Gemeenten (SVG) Foundation. Most municipalities apply at least the following general start-up loan conditions:

  • The loan can only be applied for new construction or existing construction.
  • You are registered with the municipality (at least 1 year).
  • The amount that you can borrow is maximized to a maximum percentage of the purchase price.
  • There is an age limit.
  • Your income must be sufficient.

The benefits of a starters’ credit

A starters’ credit for first homeowners has many advantages. The loan itself, incidentally, consists of 2 parts and a part that has to be repaid (annuitary); the start-up loan itself. And a part that increases; a combination loan. You do not have to pay a repayment in the first three years as a starter. You also do not have to pay interest on your lending amount for the first three years! For example, during the first few years, you do not have to pay any high costs as a starter.

Calculate your starters loan

A start-up loan always asks you at the municipality where you buy a house. Not every municipality provides start-up loans. You can calculate your maximum start-up loan on the SVn website. Go to the “Starter Loan Calculator” page.

You fill in some questions and data in the loan calculator. State, among other things, what you are requesting the loan for, what the purchase price is of the house you want to buy and fill in details regarding your gross annual income. The entire implementation / settlement of the start-up loan is done by the Stichting Stimuleringsfonds Volkshuisvesting Nederlandse Gemeenten (SVG).

Request start-up loan from your own municipality

You do register for the starters credit with your own municipality. They then provide you with an application set so that you can apply for the loan with the SVn.

When will you be told how much you can borrow?

As we already wrote, the implementation is done by the SVn. They assess your application. You first have to provide the necessary documents for this. These documents are first assessed before the application is processed further. The SVn takes into account the conditions that your own municipality sets with regard to the start-up loan. If everything is agreed, the foundation will send the outcome of the assessment to your municipality.

The municipality itself then makes a decision. When will you be told how much money you can borrow as a starter? Most municipalities usually decide within two weeks whether you are eligible for a starter mortgage. You will automatically receive a rejection letter or an assignment letter.

Quotation and the way to the notary

Do you meet all conditions and your income is sufficient, so that you can repay the loan in the future? Then you will receive an offer from SVn. You will also receive a detailed explanation and the general provisions for mortgage loans. An information sheet is also sent with the other documents, namely the ‘European Standard Information Sheet’ (ESIS).

Sign quotation

You agree with the conditions and sign the offer. You send that quotation back to SVn. They then prepare the tender and send it to the civil-law notary who has provided you within a few days. You will be notified when the notary has received the papers.

Visiting the notary

You then make an appointment with your notary. With him, the passing of the deeds takes place. The notary will then make a settlement note and send it to the SVn. The amount of the start-up loan is then transferred to your notary, after which the deed for your mortgage and for the start-up loan are passed at the same time.

How much interest loan for starters?

On the website you can find out the costs of your start-up loan. A fixed application fee will be charged per application. In 2017 this amount was 750 euros.

In addition, you also pay an interest payment after 3 years. The level of the interest on start-up loans is set by the SVn and for this they apply fixed interest rates published by lenders for interest rates for 10 years on mortgage loans. For start-up loans, a fixed interest rate of a maximum of 15 years always applies during the term.