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What is (a technical definition) and how much is the p2p loaning in Italy


What is (a technical definition) and what is the value of p2p loaning in Italy

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The p2p loaning is a type of crowdinvesting : that is a form of crowdfunding, in which the remuneration of the capital is presented to the investor (this is the same as the collection of financial resources by a company (or an individual). definition given by the Crowdinvesting Observatory of the Milan Polytechnic).

A key element is the presence of an enabling platform which, through the Internet, is able not only to connect the company and the investor, but also to finalize the investment. In addition to p2p loaning, equity crowdfunding (that is, the collection of money through the direct subscription on the web of shares in the capital of a company) and invoice trading (the sale of a commercial invoice through an Internet portal) are forms of crowdinvesting. that selects the opportunities and replaces the traditional invoice discount implemented by the banks to support the working capital Investors anticipate the invoice amount, net of the required remuneration).

Equity crowdfunding is the one to which, even from the point of view of government actions, the greatest attention is paid: the Stability Law 2017 has extended the opportunity to use it, previously reserved for startups and innovative SMEs, to all SMEs , as long as the campaign is conveyed on authorized platforms. Another significant element was the 30% increase in the tax deduction for investors. loaning and invoice trading are instead almost ignored from an institutional point of view. Nevertheless, these are the two main sectors: in particular, according to data from p2ploaningitalia , the total amount disbursed by inception from p2p loaning broke through the threshold of 200.4 million euro , with a quarter-on-quarter growth of 24% and year on year of + 222%. Of these: 90.9 million relate to the four platforms operating in the Personal Loans segment, while the remaining 109.5 million relate to the four platforms specialized in Loans to Businesses. The disaggregated analysis of this segment shows an increase in volumes of € 20.3 million for loans to companies (medium and long-term). The Invoices Discount sub-segment, on the other hand, shows an increase in receivables from inception to € 89.2 million .

The companies financed were 366; 32 in the last quarter, with an average ticket of around 150 thousand euro, quadrupled year on year. Over 2 thousand invoices sold by companies to invoice trading platforms.

Only in the third quarter of 2017, new loans amounted to 40 million, 136% more year-on-year. Only in the first nine months of 2017 the Italian marketplace has raised over 105 million and Italy has confirmed itself as the fastest growing market in Europe.

What is missing now? A legislative and fiscal reform that definitively “sdogani” this new asset class, eliminating the disadvantages that exist today without renouncing the transparency of the market for retail.



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